Managing Director, Professor Jon E. Dahl and Engineer Solveig Uvsløkk will be representing NIOM at this year’s IADR conference, held in London from the 25th to 28th of July.

The aim of the annual IADR General Session & Exhibition is to promote good dental research internationally, with over 6.700 expected attendees representing more than 77 countries. In addition attendees are exposed to cutting-edge technologies to enhance their research and improve their ability to conduct high-quality research suitable for publication in competitive peer-reviewed journals.

Professor Dahl will be presenting a poster, Temperature Changes in Test Specimens During Thermal Cycling”, where the conclusions are that the temperature changes in test specimens during thermal cycling is dependent on specimen size and dwell time in the water baths.

Uvsløkk’s poster is entitled HEMA Alters Protein S-glutathionylation in BEAS-2B Cells”. Conclusions from the study showed that HEMA exposure alters S–glutathionylation of β-actin. Both cellular GSH-depletion and competitive binding of HEMA to the S–glutathionylation site may explain this effect.

Link to Jon E. Dahl’s poster:
Link to Solveig Uvsløkk’s poster: