NIOM’s experts are strongly involved in standardization activities enhancing the quality of medical devices used in dentistry (ISO/TC 106; CEN/TC 55 Dentistry) and in the development of standards for safety evaluation of medical devices (ISO/TC 194; CEN/TC 206 Biological evaluation of medical devices). NIOM also participates in Quality management and corresponding general aspects for medical devices (ISO/TC 210; CEN-CLC/TC 3). New work has recently started in ISO/TC 210/WG 6: Application of post market surveillance systems to medical devices.

The 51st meeting of ISO/TC 106 Dentistry will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, September 27 – October 3. Almost 50 working group (WG) meetings are planned during the week and about 300 international experts will collaborate in the development of the international standards. The WG’s will cover discussions for the standardization of different products and devices within the fields of Filling and restorative materials, Prosthodontic materials, Terminology, Dental instruments, Dental equipment, Oral care products, Dental implants and Dental CAD/CAM systems. As said by the chair of ISO/TC 106 PhD, DMD Ken Anusavice: “The importance of the work that is accomplished at ISO/TC 106 meetings is significant — it has an impact on the health and safety of billions of dental consumers around the world.” NIOM will be attending many of the WG’s both as convenors and nominated experts: Prof. Arne Hensten (biological evaluation, implants, dental instruments and equipment), Dr. John Tibballs (alloys, ceramics, CAD/CAM systems), and Dr. Hilde Molvig Kopperud (polymer-based materials, polymerization activators, oral care products).

Link to: ISO/TC 106 Dentistry and TC106Bangkok2015