Scientists at NIOM have since Easter supervised two groups of Bachelor students in bioengineering from Oslo and Akershus University of Applied Sciences (HIOA).

The HIOA-students’ work is concluded in two papers:

  • “The effect of HEMA on cell viability, growth pattern and autophagy”
  • “The importance of the Nrf2 / ARE system in protection against HEMA-induced toxicity”


The research and results that the students have done in NIOM’s labs to build their bachelor theses are part of a recurring collaboration between NIOM and the HIOA. The research results that will be used in the ongoing work carried out at the institute.

Pictured (from left): rear row, Aurora Thori Lima, Daniel Aarem, Andreas Berg, Renate Gjertsen Ravndal. Front row: Siv Skundberg Jensen, Ingelin Neeraas, Linda Therese Haugen, Nora Spigseth