NIOM, The Nordic Institute of Dental Materials, celebrated its 50th anniversary on Thursday the 12th of May. The occasion was marked with the launch of NIOM’s anniversary book “En Nordisk Reise i Kunnskap og Kvalitet” (A Journey in Knowledge and Quality) by author Vibeke Riiser-Larsen.

The story of NIOM is the story about a voluntary Nordic cooperative project in the field of dental research. It was the realization that the Nordic countries could achieve more together, than separately, that led to NIOM’s establishment in 1972. In the five decades that have passed since then, both leaders and employees have come and gone. Most have stayed long, and all have given their contribution to NIOM’s success.

Long lines of continuity

This book is not a history book, but an anniversary book that aims to celebrate both what NIOM is today, and tell a little bit about how we got here. The author, Riiser-Larsen, paints the long lines of continuity and change, as well as sparing plenty of room for todays research, as well as the more personal voices. The resulting book not only celebrates, but illuminates the journey, from 1972 to 2022.

A look inside, starting with the front- and back cover.

The book is not in regular sale, but available by request. To receive a copy, please write to PS. It is only available in Norwegian.