Five NIOM scientists have travelled to the city of Hong Kong to participate in the 53rd annual meeting of ISO/TC 106, from 20 – 25 august, 2017.

NIOM participants include Head of Laboratory Hilde M. Kopperud and scientists Arne Hensten, John Tibballs, Ellen Bruzell and Ida Stenhagen.

The goal of the week is to find the best solutions on a global level for safe dental treatment and during the week experts from around the world will coordinate, collaborate and further develop their technical and scientific fields such as fillings, implants and instruments.

Hong Kong’s Innovation and Technology Commissioner Anne Choi welcomed the group, and remarked that ”the ISO/TC 106 Meeting is an important platform for standards development where experts in dentistry from all over the world come together to share knowledge and experience, and explore opportunities for cooperation.”

Chairman of ISO TC 106, Gottfried Schmalz, said in his introduction to the meeting that “standards play an essential role in modern dentistry and the comparatively large size of ISO/TC 106 reflects the activity and resources that the dental community has invested in this field.”