Foto: ©UiO/Fredrik Pedersen.

The Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) kicks off its annual congress in Oslo today, which will last from August 22nd until the 24th. The Odontological Faculty, University Of Oslo, hosts the event and NIOM is represented with a stand and is there to promote research networking.

NIOM has a strong connection to the Odontological Faculty; the institute regularly receives students from the University and provides a laboratory for their research as well as advice and guidance. Many of NIOM’s staff teach at the faculty, including NIOM’s CEO, professor Jon E. Dahl.

The theme of ADEE in 2018 is “Dentistry education in a changing society” and the faculty is expecting over 400 participants. The Faculty’s Dean, Pål Barkvoll, sits on NIOM’s board and thinks that ADEE is one of the most important venues in Europe where knowledge and experience related to dental education in different countries can be shared:

– The theme is highly relevant to so many different levels and we have emphasized using the opportunity to showcase successful collaborations across faculties and what is unique to us in an international context, says Barkvoll. – We are committed to providing good academic sessions on everything from the changes in society to the patient mass that students will learn to treat, what challenges this brings regarding the authorization of dental staff, and much more,” he explains.