Closing bone defects is a challenging task and the present newsletter presents a novel composite material that can be used as implant and bone graft. The material is investigated as a collaboratory project between NIOM and a visiting scientist coming from Turku Biomaterial Group in Finland. The research has mainly focused on the fibre-reinforced and bioactive composites, where the filling components are incorporated within an inert polymer matrix, such as polymethylmethacrylate. Read the article Integrated composites hard tissue repair.

In investigating material performance, studies of long-term properties are mandatory. However, waiting for years of service is usually not preferable. Therefore, the use of thermocycling of the test specimens is often used to mimic ageing of the material. NIOM has extensive experience with thermocycling and has written software to calculate temperature profiles and the resulting mechanical stresses for both round and square specimens. Scientists and manufacturers are invited to use our thermocycling service. Read the article Thermocycling.

Please also find attached an invitation to our visiting scientist scholarship for 2015. Applications are welcome from scientists working at Nordic institutions. Due date is 15 August 2014.

All the best for the upcoming summer season!