The Webinar “How to evaluate dental materials” is out now on NIOM’s Youtube channel NIOM Biomaterials.

Direct link to the webinar here:

This is a webinar for those who are curious about how dental materials are tested and evaluated.

Senior scientist Aida Mulic, DDS, PhD, acts as guide as we visit seven of NIOM’s laboratories. We meet several NIOM staff members, as well as a PhD- student who spends his days at NIOM. They all explain about their work, and how they work to evaluate, test and do research on dental materials.

Dentists who wish to have continuing education points registered will need to look into the notes underneath the video on Youtube. They find the question about Freya, and send the answer as well as your name and dental license number to before January 12.2021.

Aida Mulic introduces NIOM and her colleagues in the new webinar, out December 10th. 2020.