Thursday the 25th of November, at 13.00. hours, we published our new webinar. This time we have gotten the esteemed professor Per Vult von Steyern, as a guest webinar host. The webinar will be on our Youtube-channel, and can therefore be watched today, or any day in the future.

The theme is:

“Zirconium dioxide from a clinical perspective

Professor dr. odont., Per Vult von Steyern talks about which zirconia materials work best in different clinical situations. How to prepare and get the best, most long lasting result? Listen and watch as professor von Steyern give a few clinical examples on methods, and use, for translucent monolithic zirconium dioxide.”

Continuing education points

Those who wish continuing education points will have to watch it over the next few weeks, and send us the answer to the question in the notes on Youtube before January 10th.

Watch it here: