NIOM has welcomed two guest researchers affiliated with Finish universities. Heba Abdelrazik is coming to work on a project connected to her PhD, while Pekka Ahlholm is doing some post-doctorate research. Barely two weeks into their stay, they’re happily settling in.

– Everything is so compact and easy at NIOM, Pekka says.

-Yes, and it seems like a peaceful environment to produce, with everybody collaborating and so willing to help. Besides the fact that it is a multidisciplinary place, Heba joins in.

Settled in

Two weeks into their stay, they have moved into their respective Airbnb’s’ and gotten acquainted with their main collaborators at NIOM.

-I will be working with Simen Kopperud, and work on a project related to bonding strength, Heba says.
Pekka on the other hand will work with Frode Staxrud, and do work on repair bond-strength of composite fillings.

From the left: Pekka Ahlholm, Heba Abdelrazik and NIOMs Frode Staxrud at NIOMs offices in Oslo.

Added value

Both heard about NIOM during their studies, and decided to apply for a visit.

-My supervisor agrees on that it would be good for my scientific career, Heba says.

-A new learning environment is interesting and beneficial on many levels. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, she says.

An adventure

For Pekka the journey was somewhat similar, but with an added bonus.

-My wife was able to continue her work remotely, so we could both go, and make a trip of it, Pekka says.

He explains how happy he was to secure a place to stay at Grünerløkka, an area filled with quaint little shops, cafés and nightlife. He plans to spend their off-time experiencing Oslo and Norway.

-We brought our car so we can go on trips, Pekka says.

Heba chose a slightly quieter neighborhood that she enjoys.

-And it was easy to get here from the airport as well as any place here; Oslo is really a beautiful city, Heba says.

-I also really like the city. How people are out and about, enjoying their time, and even smiling in the subway. It’s a very vibrant city compared to back home in Helsinki, Pekka says.