NIOM regularly welcomes guest researchers, and this semester we are happy to host DDS/ PhD student Julia Olander from Sahlgrenska Academy, at the University of Gothenburg.

Julia Olander in one of NIOMs 17 labs, in Oslo.

While visiting NIOM she gets to delve into lab work, something she had not done much of before.

– But it’ been great, Julia says, one month into her stay.

– The environment is fantastic. Everybody is so good at what they do, and there are experts in so many diverse fields. I have been getting great help and guidance from everybody, and especially Amund Ruud, my advisor here at NIOM, Julia says.

Brought the family

A fun fact about Julia is that she brought her whole family. Her husband is currently a guest researcher at the University of Oslo, and their two children are in kindergarten.

–  It’s been so great for the whole family. Oslo is a fun city, and we’re really happy that we got to do this. We’re all meeting new people, and learning new things, she says.

Becoming a guest researcher

Julia explains she heard about NIOM from a colleague, who had been at NIOM as a guest researcher before.

– She said it was just the best. That there is a whole floor with different labs, and wonderful people here. So I decided to follow her example. I’m staying for three months, but would have loved to stay longer, she says in closing.

If you are interested in applying to become a guest researcher at NIOM, the next possibility will be advertised in May 2020 for visits in 2021.

Julia comes from the dept. of Prosthodontics/ Dental Materials Science, at the Institute of Odontology. Her thesis centers on biological response to foreign body particles, around oral implants and implant components.