NIOM has welcomed five new visiting scientists this fall. They are; Wedad Hammoudi from Sweden, Sigfus Eliasson from Iceland, and from Norway, Sunita Sharma, Amela Tulek, and Anneli Skjold.

Hammoudi and Skjold are working with different aspects like esthetics and strength of zirconia for dental applications. Eliasson has an ongoing project on procedures for long lasting repair of composite restoration. Sharma evaluates a method for assessment of cytotoxicity of dental materials, and Tulek’s main focus is dental erosive wear.

They are all working in close collaboration with NIOM staff in order to exchange knowledge that is beneficial both for their home institution and for NIOM.

Pictured from the left: Skjold, Hammoudi, Tulek and NIOM engenieer Freya Sofia Andersen.