Oral Biofilm – friend or foe? Is the name of NIOMs newest free webinar. Listen as NIOM scientist Maria Pain, gives an introduction to oral biofilm. The webinar is available now on NIOMs Youtube channel NIOM Biomaterials.

In the webinar, Pain covers several topics, among others:

– Factors influencing the development of caries and periodontitis

– How important is oral hygiene and diet? / Importance of oral hygiene and diet

– Host factors impacting the oral microflora

The lecturer, Pain, has a MSc (2011) and a PhD degree (2020) within the field of microbiology, both obtained from UiT- the Arctic University of Norway.

Pain is a scientist at NIOM with over 10 years of experience in microbiology research. In her various roles she has been focused on bacterial communication, host-microbe interactions and bioinformatics.

For a direct link to the webinar, press here.

For continuing education points in Scandinavia, send an email to post@niom.no.

PS. Pain has used the following references. If the links do not work, then cut and paste into your browser:

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