Reykjavik’s University’s Sigfus Thor Eliasson and NIOM’s John Tibballs and Jon Dahl, have just published a new article in the Icelandic dental journal Tannlæknablaðið. The topic is bonding, and the article is named “Effect of Adhesive Layer Thickness and Surface Treatments on Composite Repair Strength”.

Professor Emeritus Sigfus Thor Eliasson was recently at NIOM as a visiting scientist. Here he is photographed at the Icelandic dental convention with NIOM’s Chief of Administration Kathrine Hartman.

The study

The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of adhesive layer thickness on micro-tensile strength between composite
materials using different surface treatments and adhesives.

The strongest composite repair bond strength was achieved after mechanical roughening, using freshly mixed bis-silane
solution on the substrate in addition to an adhesive, rendering a thin bonding layer.

Read more about the methods and results here: