Such reads the headline in the March edition of The Norwegian Dental Journal, TIDENDE, referring to NIOM’s first webinar, held February 14th. The journal was in the room as 100 participants logged on across all the Nordic countries, observing, as the webinar was held and the follow-up article reveals more details, such as more background into why NIOM offers webinars, plans for the future and feedback from the participants post-event.

Managing Director of NIOM, Jon E. Dahl explains in the article that the idea behind the webinars is to offer practical seminars for dentists and that this was the first of four this year. The next one is in May.

Dahl had help producing the webinar, NIOM communication officer Jon-Eric Melsæter was co-producer as well as acting host. Melsæter provides context as to why webinars, explaining that regular webinars is a part of NIOM’s new communication strategy to raise the institute’s visibility and awareness. He explains that emphasizing relevance and usefulness in NIOM’s communication is a core element, and so hosting practical webinars is a very fitting tool.

The Norwegian Dental Journal also got insight into the Q&A session that went on for an hour after the presentation itself. Questions from the participants came in hot and heavy, and in such a tempo that Dahl and Melsæter had trouble keeping up. Although the questions were many the feedback participants gave, in the form of an evaluation survey, reveals that it was a success. The journal was given access to the feedback which showed that it was unequivocally highly praised, earning an average of 4,5 out of 5 stars.

Participants also felt that waiting until May for the next webinar is too long, but NIOM plans to make its webinars better and more suited to participants in the future, and possibly more frequent and additionally an official part of the further education offered by The Norwegian Dental Association.

All-in-all 63 questions were asked during the Q&A. Based on the session, NIOM has summarized them in a handy article providing the edited webinar presentation as a YouTube video as well as a list of 10 tips and insights from the webinar.

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Read the article in TIDENDE here (norwegian).