On September 16, NIOM and NOF will host a joint symposium titled “Biological and clinical aspects of modern composite techniques”.

– NIOMs Frode Staxrud will chair the event, says Jon E. Dahl, NIOMs CEO.

Staxrud is joined by Pekka K. Vallittu from the University of Turku, NIOMs Jan Tore Samuelsen and Niek Opdam from Radboud UMC Nijmegen.

The programme

– The symposium consists of three parts, with each lecturer sharing their insights over the allotted two hours, Dahls says.

Professor Vallittu will talk about “The science of modern composite techniques.” Samuelsen will take the middle section with his lecture: “Biological aspects of modern composite materials” while Opdam will cover the topic: “Clinical aspects of modern composite techniques”.

– At the end, there will also be time for questions, Dahls says.

Read more here: PowerPoint Presentation (storage.googleapis.com)