Jostein Pettersen 1932-2021

Jostein Pettersen brought commitment, friendliness and knowledge to NIOM.

Jostein Pettersen, who passed away on 1 June, was the very first employee of the Scandinavian Institute of Dental Materials as NIOM was named from its inception. He was office manager from 15 April 1972 until his retirement in 2002. Until Professor Ivar A. Mjör was appointed Institute Director on 1 January the following year, he was the only employee.

Over the ensuing 30 years, Mr. Pettersen kept NIOM running smoothly, as it grew into an institution employing 30 people with a worldwide reputation. He ensured that we adhered to necessary procedures in the appointment of researchers, visiting researchers and technical staff, as well as in the purchase of equipment. He was also responsible for NIOM’s finances, accounting and personnel issues.

Furthermore, as primary contact with the Nordic authorities and board members, he was the lynchpin of our Nordic connection.
Jostein Pettersen brought commitment, friendliness and a knowledge of proper procedure to his many administrative and organizational tasks. The directors under whom he served had many outside responsibilities, while Jostein was responsible for NIOM’s day-to-day operations.

Towards the end of his long career, this included bringing NIOM into the age of digital accounting, only to then have to negotiate the 2KY “crisis”. After his retirement, Jostein continued to show great interest in the life of NIOM, to the establishment of which he contributed so much.