In addition to being Head of Laboratory, Kopperud was recently promoted to “researcher 1” at NIOM. Researcher 1 is the highest position attainable for a researcher at NIOM and can be compared to a professorship. Kopperud (dr. scient.) started with NIOM in 2003 as a scientist doing research in polymer chemistry as well as being instrumental in the institute’s standardization activities. As Head of Laboratory, she oversees all of NIOM’s laboratory operations, testing and standardization activities, manages the lab facilities as well as coordinating and managing material testing contracts.

– NIOM draws on the knowledge and competence of our growing staff of well-qualified researchers and engineers and fully equipped and modern laboratory facilities. Combined with our participation in international standardization we can ensure that our output is relevant to dental health researchers and practitioners and to Nordic patient safety in general, said Kopperud. Achieving a position as researcher 1 at NIOM is based on extensive research experience, supervision of students and/or visiting scientists, and participation in international collaboration, whether in research, standardization or in official opinions. The promotion requires considerable, continuous scientific production demonstrating high quality as well as breadth and depth in the scientific work.