Dual-cured luting materials tested

Table 6: Proportions, mixing time, light curing time and LED-lamp used for the individual products.


Comment: See [Table 2 of “Tested depth of cure and curing lamps”] for the light intensity of bluephase G2 with high power, Demetron A2 and Demi LED.


ProductProportionsMixing time
Light curing time
Bifix SEAutomixAutomix20Demetron A2
Calibra01:013020 s after
6 minutes
Demetron A2
G-CEM AutomixAutomixAutomix20Demetron A2
iCEMAutomixAutomix30Demetron A2
Maxcem EliteAutomixAutomix10Demi LED
Multilink AutoMixAutomixAutomix20bluephase G2
High Power
NX3 Dual AutomixAutomixAutomix20Demetron A2
ParaCem Universal DC01:013040Demetron A2
RelyX Unicem AplicapCapsules15 in a
mixing unit
20Demetron A2
RelyX Unicem 2 AutomixAutomixAutomix20Demetron A2
SmartCem 2 Automix DualAutomixAutomix20Demetron A2
Variolink II01:011040Demetron A2