Dual-cured luting materials tested

Table 2: Flexural strength measured for the selected products, in megapascal


Comment: All products tested complied with the requirements, which state that the flexural strength shall not be less than 50 MPa.


ProductShade testedMean flexural strength
Manufacturers given value
for flexural strength
(A) (MPa)
Bifix SEUniversal115-
CalibraBase: LT, light (A1)
Catalyst: Regular
G-CEM AutomixA2137-
Maxcem EliteClear82-
Multilink AutoMix,Yellow122-
NX3 Dual AutomixYellow (A3)102-
ParaCem Universal DCBase: A2
Catalyst: Universal
RelyX Unicem AplicapA268-
RelyX Unicem 2 AutomixA2 (universal)10099
SmartCem 2 Automix DualMED96107 ± 4
Variolink IIBase: A1 (white/110)
Catalyst: Low viscosity Transparent

(A)     Information from IFU or/and manufacturers site.