The talk also consisted of answering questions about antibiotic resistance from the audience. From left: Jessica Lönn-Stensrud, Håkon Valen Rukke, Anne Aamdal Scheie and Kjersti Sturød (picture by Astrid Skiftesvik Bjørkeng, OD/UiO

During the annual Norwegian festival of knowledge and science, held all over the country in the end of September, scientists and researchers from both NIOM and the University Of Oslo held a public forum at Oslo’s House of Literature to present some of the findings in the newest research and how they relate to “crossing borders,” the theme for the festival.

The event, held September 28th, had two main talking points. The first was a presentation of how the faculty of Odontology at the University Of Oslo assists the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration in assessing the age of unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in Norway, explaining the science and the methods used.

The second was a panel discussion about antibiotic resistance. As bacteria travel from country to country because of mass human migration, the prevalent use of antibiotics has turned into an increasingly global and serious health threat. NIOM’s own Håkon Valen Rukke, Professor Anne Aamdal Scheie from the institute of Oral Biology and fellow Kjersti Sturød from the same institute had an open talk interspersed by questions from the audience. The talk was moderated by Jessica Lönn-Stensrud, former fellow at the faculty of odontology and now chief librarian at the Science Library (a part of the University Of Oslo Library).