Zirconia in dentistry

Fundamental properties and current status of dental zirconia.

A review of the basic properties that makes zirconia an attractive material in fixed prosthodontics. We look at the development of zirconia and today’s selection of materials. The course will also include a short review of the different types of multi-layer zirconia currently available. The objective of the course is to increase the understanding of zirconia and contribute to making the best choice of material.

    • Basic properties of the dental zirconia
    • Multi-layer zirconia
    • Todays zirconia market

Course duration: Flexible.

This course is accepted in the continuing education program for the Norwegian Dental Association (NDA/NTF).

Amund Ruud, Scientist
PhD, MSc

Amund has a background in inorganic chemistry and materials characterization. He work towards understanding dental materials on a fundamental level. One field of interest is how we can improve the mechanical performance of current dental restoration.