Treatment of deep caries

Diagnosis, preparation, and choice of treatment and materials.

Every now and then, primary carious lesions are so deep into dentine that we fear perforation to the pulp when excavating carious dentine. What options do we have to save the pulp and avoid root canal treatment? What are the criteria that determine the choice of treatment?

    • Pulpodentinal complex anatomy and physiology
    • Pathological changes
    • Diagnose, caries, pulp
    • Operative treatment alternatives
    • Preparation and choice of material


Course duration: Flexible.

This course is accepted in the continuing education program for the Norwegian Dental Association (NDA/NTF).

Frode Staxrud, Scientist
DDS, Dr. Philos.

Frode graduated DDS from University of Bergen in 1981. He managed his own dental practice from 1982 until 2018. From 2004, he worked as instructor, university lecturer and finally associate professor at the University of Oslo.

Frode holds a degree in dentistry, cariology, and his dissertation was about repair of dental restorations. He has been working part time at NIOM from 2008 where he now works full time as a researcher.