The oral microbiome

The role of oral microbes in health and disease

This course will refresh your knowledge with an up-to-date overview of the most relevant aspects of microbiology in relation to the oral cavity. We will explore the many roles of the oral microbes and how they interact with the host. Further, the course will explore the oral microbes connection to both oral and general health, and look at how external factors can influence this.

  • Introduction to microbiology and oral biofilms
  • What are the consequences of an altered microbiome?
  • Can dental materials influence the oral microbes?

Course duration: Flexible

This course is accepted in the continuing education program for the Norwegian Dental Association (NDA/NTF).

Maria Pain, Scientist
PhD, MSc

Maria has a MSc (2011) and a PhD degree (2020) within the field of microbiology, both obtained from UiT- the Arctic University of Norway.

Maria is a scientist at NIOM with over 10 years of experience in microbiology research. In her various roles she has been focused on bacterial communication, host-microbe interactions and bioinformatics.