Regulatory requirements for dental materials/equipment

Legislation, standardization and quality

Medical devices in the European market: highlights of the new medical device regulation (MDR). The importance of standardization on the quality of dental materials will be discussed. How can the dentist and the patient ensure safe materials?

    • Legislation
    • Standardization
    • Quality

Course duration: 30 minutes to 1,5 hours.

This course is accepted in the continuing education program for the Norwegian Dental Association (NDA/NTF).

Hilde M. Kopperud, Head of laboratory
Dr. scient

Hilde is responsible for NIOMs accredited test laboratory for the evaluation of biomaterials according to requirements in ISO-standards. She is also an expert in the EU-expert panel for medical devices according to MDR. She has been working with international and European standardization since 2003, as a convener and expert in several working groups in ISO TC 106 Dentistry.

Hilde is a polymer chemist with main research interests in polymer-based materials where composition, elution and physical properties are evaluated in different projects. She is also interested in digital manufacturing techniques, in particular 3D-printing of resin based materials.