Potential damage from dental materials

Research for safe material use.

To avoid side effects and occupational health issues in relation to dental treatment, identification and knowledge of the toxic potential of associated exposures are mandatory. This course gives a brief overview of possible exposures from dental materials, both for dental personnel and patients. In addition, the course summarizes current research on toxic reactions caused by such exposures. Awareness of the adverse effect potential of materials used during dental treatment offers a good basis for safe handling and use of dental materials.

    • Basic principles of toxicology
    • Toxic exposures related to dental treatment
    • Toxic reactions to dental biomaterials
    • Risk assessment

Course duration: 2-4 hours.

This course is accepted in the continuing education program for the Norwegian Dental Association (NDA/NTF).


Jan Tore Samuelsen, Senior scientist, dr. phil.
Jan Tore is a biochemist (UiO, 1995) with a Ph.D. (Dental faculty, UiO, 2011) focusing on molecular toxicity of resin-based dental materials. He has been working at NIOM since 2004 and registered as a European registered toxicologist (ERT) since 2012.