Dental ceramics from a clinical perspective

The possibilities to solve different clinical situations with dental ceramics have never been as various as now. New materials and material combinations offer simpler treatments, minimal invasive solutions and replacements that are less sensitive to chip-off fractures compared to earlier/in former days. However, at the same time that makes the choice of materials more complex. It is not sufficient to prepare, make an impression and ask the technician for a “ceramic crown, please!” to have a successful treatment.

With the right knowledge the result can be outstanding, presupposed a balanced combination of solid clinical performance, the selected material and at last , but not the least, customized cementation.

Per Vult von Steyern will in the lecture guide you through what to have in mind in the clinic to get the best of the new ceramics and at the same time avoid pitfalls. The course is based on clinical cases.

    • Glass- ceramics and traditional-and translucent zirconia
    • Preparation, dimensioning, choice of material, cement and techniques for cementation
    • Minimal invasive principles for ceramics
    • Clinical and aesthetic aspects

Per Vult von Steyern

Per Vult von Steyern is professor and specialist in oral prosthetics. He has since 1991 done clinical research and in-vitro studies with focus on all-ceramic bridges and prosthetic materials.

Steyern has a comprehensive production of scientific literature and has written chapters of educational textbooks. He is an international recognized and award-winning lecturer.

For some years Steyern has been connected part time to NIOM and he is since May 2023 Managing Director for the Institute.