Course offer at NIOM

NIOM offers courses and lectures on dental materials and other topics related to dental care

Our course instructors are experts with long experience in holding courses and lectures at home and abroad. They can present everything from day courses – with one or more topics, to shorter lectures of 30 minutes. Implementation can take place online, by visiting you or at NIOM in a suitable room.

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Prosthetics with ceramics - depth or introduction

Choice of ceramics for different constructions.

The filling materials of the future

Properties of new materials and digital techniques.

Best treatment for deep caries

Diagnosis, preparation and choice of treatment.

Minimally invasive dentistry

Surgical treatment vs prevention.

Potential damage from dental materials

Research for safe material use

Discoloration and teeth whitening

Can all teeth be bleached? How?

Zirconia in dentistry

How are the different properties of zirconia described?

Quality of dental work

Does the production affect the quality of the work?

Repair or replace defective filling?

Advantages and disadvantages. Preparation and material selection.

Regulatory requirements for dental materials / equipment

Legislation, standardization and quality.

Erosions - a new public disease?

Diagnostics, risk indicators and treatment.

What do we know about charcoal toothpaste?

Ingredients, bleaching effect and wear.