International Congress of Photobiology, 8–12 September 2014 -

NIOM will participate in the 16th International Congress of Photobiology in Córdoba, Argentina, 8–12 September 2014. Read more.

Studies on curcumin and curcuminoids -

Antibacterial phototoxic effects of synthetic asymmetric and glycosylated curcuminoids in aqueous formulations: Studies on curcumin and curcuminoids. LIV Marianne Lilletvedt Tovsen published her findings on synthetic versus natural curcumin as photosensitizer in antimicrobial photodynamic therapy. The work was done during her guest research stay at NIOM. Tovsen is currently post doc at the School of […]

Toksisitet av plastmaterialer -

  Samuelsen JT Dahl JE Toksisitet av plastmaterialer 2016;Universitetet i Oslo  

Newsletter, August 2014 -

Hopefully you have all enjoyed the summer and are well prepared for the coming season. The use of laboratory studies to foresee the clinical outcome of dental materials is a challenge. In this issue of the NIOM Newsletter, we present work where studies of clinically fractured all-ceramic crowns have been the base for developing a […]

Antibacterial phototoxic effects of synthetic asymmetric and glycosylated curcuminoids in aqueous formulations: studies on curcumin and curcuminoids. LIV. -

Evaluation of the in vitro phototoxic potential of synthetic asymmetric and glycosylated curcuminoids on planktonic model bacteria by counting the colony forming units.

Newsletter, June 2014 -

Closing bone defects is a challenging task and the present newsletter presents a novel composite material that can be used as implant and bone graft. The material is investigated as a collaboratory project between NIOM and a visiting scientist coming from Turku Biomaterial Group in Finland. The research has mainly focused on the fibre-reinforced and […]

Kristine O. Wikene’s first paper -

Kristine O. Wikene, a first year PhD candidate in pharmacy (University of Oslo), has published her first paper on antimicrobial photodynamic therapy using special formulations of curcumin. The work is based on her master’s thesis and has been shared between UiO and NIOM. Read more here.

Newsletter, May 2014 -

This Newsletter consists of a summary from a recently published research paper from NIOM. The effect on macrophages of exposure to filler particles and monomers was investigated. It was found that the release of substances related to tissue defense was reduced after exposure. An attenuated cytokine release may have implications for the macrophage immune response […]

International Congress of Photodynamic Applications -

PhD candidates Kristine Opsvik Wikene and Victoria J. Valerón Bergh, jointly supervised by School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo and NIOM, will participate in the International Congress of Photodynamic Applications 25–28 May 2014 in Dundee, Scotland with presentations on antimicrobial photodynamic therapy. Kristine will present a poster based on the article “Formulation and characterisation of […]

“Light Curing in Dentistry” meeting -

NIOM will participate at the meeting “Light Curing in Dentistry: Knowledge Translation among Researchers, Clinicians and Manufacturers” which is held at the Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, 28–30 May.Drs E. Bruzell and H.M. Kopperud will present talks entitled “Biological impact of optical radiation from curing lights” and “Influence of exposure time on the depth of cure”.

20th anniversary of the Dental Biomaterials Adverse Reaction Unit -

The Dental Biomaterials Adverse Reaction Unit in Bergen, Norway celebrates its 20th anniversary at 12 May 2014 holding a seminar at the University of Bergen. The Managing Director at NIOM is invited to speak about future challenges for the Unit. NIOM congratulates and acknowledges the long-term and fruitful collaboration between the Unit and NIOM.   […]

Newsletter, April 2014 -

Welcome to the April issue of the NIOM Newsletter. The deterioration in dental health that occurs when elderly people move into institutional care represents a challenge in selecting dental treatment. The newsletter refers to an investigation among dentists in treatment planning and materials selection for this group of patients. Read the article: Appropriate dental materials for […]

Cell toxicity of HEMA -

Cell toxicity of HEMA – the role of oxidative stress The methacrylate monomer 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) is commonly used in polymer-based dental restorative materials. Several studies have shown that HEMA is toxic in vitro. Increased oxidative stress has been suggested as a key event in this response. Objective: To study the relation between decreased viability […]

Depth of cure -

A stainless steel mould of diameter 4 mm was placed upon a film, transparent to the LED lamp emission, and then placed on a glass microscope slide. The mould was slightly overfilled with the test material (i.e. Filtek Z250, A3 or Tetric EvoCeram, A3). A second strip of film was placed on the test material […]

NIOM at Årskursus and Scandefa, 2014 -

Researchers from NIOM will be participating at the Danish Dental Association meeting Årskursus in Copenhagen 2–4 April 2014. Prof. Jon E. Dahl, Prof. Nils R. Gjerdet and Dr Hilde M. Kopperud will represent NIOM. Prof. Jon E. Dahl will present a talk in sessions 15 and 43 on “Repair or replace of restorations”. Prof. Nils R. […]

Newsletter, March 2014 -

In this issue, we address the technique sensitivity of glass-ionomer restorations and present a new method for skin irritation test. Here are the links to the articles: Glass-ionomer cements are also technique sensitive materials New method: Skin irritation test for evaluation of medical device extracts

Dentala Material Norden -

Look for clinically relevant information for the dental practitioner and the dental technician related to the use of dental biomaterials.

Congress of the European Society for Photobiology, 2013 -

Ellen Bruzell attended the 15th Congress of the European Society for Photobiology, which was held in Liège (Belgium), 2–6 September 2013, Here is the abstract of her presentation: Hyperspectral imaging/reflectance spectroscopy ofmouse oral tissue exposed to high intensity blue light Oral tissues are exposed to optical radiation during various dental treatments and diagnostic methods. However, […]

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Aktuel Nordisk Odontologi 2014 -

NIOM’s scientists have contributed to four of the chapters of this annual odontology update. Topics covered are: the use of glass ionomers in primary teeth, ceramic fractures, nanomaterials and dental laser safety. Summaries in English are provided. Read more here.

Newsletter, February 2014 -

The newsletter for February 2014 is out, containing the following articles: Treatment decisions on approximal caries and longevity of Class II restorations; a PhD thesis  LED lamp measurements

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Newsletter, January 2014 -

Patients undergoing tooth bleaching procedures have a high risk of side effects like increased tooth sensitivity and damage to the gums. In spite of that, most patients are satisfied with the outcome of the treatment. NIOM describes this in more detail and points at a recent publication in British Dental Journal. You can also read about […]

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