A Retrospective Clinical Study on the Longevity of Gold Inlays -

AIM To investigate the longevity and reasons for failure of posterior Class II gold inlays among a group of Norwegian adults. METHODS A cohort of 138 patients (81 male and 57 female) regularly attending a general practice for regular check-up were examined by one clinician (GS) in 2016. The patients had a total of 391 […]

Anti-biofilm Effect of Dental Adhesive Containing Methacrylated Chitosan -

An experimental dental adhesive incorporated with methacrylated chitosan significantly reduced biofilm formation compared to control, and it may be useful in prevention of secondary caries development.

Chitosan incorporated in denture base resin reduce biofilm formation of Streptococcus mutans and Candida albicans -

The aim of this study was to investigate the biofilm inhibitory effect of methacrylated chitosan covalently incorporated into the PMMA network of denture base resin against Streptococcus mutans and Candida albicans.

New standards for digital impressions -

CAD/CAM and 3-D printing have arrived with full force in dentistry. NIOM is leading the work to secure standards for scanning accuracy.

Nrf2 signaling and cytoprotection in HEMA exposed human epithelial airway cells -

Introduction Resin-based biomaterials are widely used in dentistry, and consist of methacrylate monomers that are polymerized in situ. The conversion to polymer is never complete and cause leakage and patient exposure to electrophile monomers such as 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA). In addition, dental personnel that handle these materials are daily exposed. Methacrylates are shown to be […]

Element release from a light cured glass-ionomer at different pH -

The purpose of this study was to evaluate leakage over time of elements from GIC in solutions with pH ranking from 2,3 to 7,3.

Internal Fit of Single Crowns Produced by CAD/CAM and Lost-wax Metal Casting Technique Assessed by the Triple-scan Protocol -

Abstract Objectives To digitally study the internal fit of single crown fixed dental prostheses produced by CAD/CAM and by lost-wax and metal casting techniques. Methods On an upper jaw simulator with KaVo typodont teeth, the left insisor was prepared for single crown. Impression and scans were taken and three copings were manufactured from each group: […]

NIOM attends SIAM Conference 2016 -

Senior Scientist John Tibballs attends SIAM conference on “Mathematical aspects of materials science” in Philadelphia, USA, 5-11 May 2016.

Proteome Changes Indicate Oxidative Stress and Protein Damage after Methacrylate Exposure in Human Monocyte Cell Line -

To study the initial changes in the proteome in a human monocyte cell line after exposure to methacrylate monomer

Combined toxicity of released elements from dental alloys -

Zn(II) and Co(II) was cytotoxic in a concentration dependent manner in THP1- cells. Combined exposure with other elements did not alter the toxic response to Zn(II) and Co(II).

Improving bond strength of veneering ceramics to zirconia framework -

A new surface treatment for improving bond strength of veneering ceramics to zirconia framework   Objectives: Etching by fluoride compounds may give a rough zirconia surface and improved bond strength to veneering ceramics with less tetragonal to monocline transformation than with sandblasting. An additional silicatization treatment is assumed to give an extra contribution. The purpose […]

Surface treatment of zirconia ceramics -

A novel etching technique for surface treatment of zirconia ceramics for improved adhesion between resin based materials and zirconia ceramics.

Corrosion of alloys with and without dynamic loading -

This stydy’s objective was to evaluate corrosion resistance of different casting alloys using the established static corrosion test method and an in house developed dynamic test method.

Newsletter, October 2015 -

The months newsletter deals with two recent published studies authored and co-authored by NIOM scientist: “Is the caries risk reduced by placing a restoration” and “Design and quality – ceramic crown strength”.

Newsletter, September 2015 -

The Newsletter for September 2015 deals with over-the-counter bleaches and presents NIOM’s newest research scientist: Easy-to-use easy-to-regret over-the-counter bleaching products New expertise in organic synthesis      

New expertise in organic synthesis at NIOM -

NIOM has recently employed a new scientist and is excited to apply organic synthesis to research and development and analysis of biomaterials for dentistry. Dr Ida Sofia Refsholt Stenhagen, holds an MSci degree in Medicinal Chemistry from University College London and a DPhil degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Oxford. She has participated […]

Triazole-monomer -

Physical Properties and Toxic Potential of Dental Composites Containing a Triazole-monomer Torbjørn Knarvang, Hilde M. Kopperud and Jan T. SamuelsenNordic Institute of Dental Materials, Oslo, Norwaytok@niom.no INTRODUCTIONResin-based restorative materials are widely used in dentistry. In general, the resin part of these materials consists of a mixture of methacrylate monomers that are polymerized in situ with […]

Evaluation of eye protection in occupational use of non-coherent optical sources -

Blue light and ultraviolet radiation can cause acute eye hazards. Further, increasing evidence suggests that blue light contributes to chronic diseases, such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. The use of optical radiation protective devices, such as goggles, is a simple means to avoid eye damage when working with high-irradiance sources. For the eye protection […]

Newsletter, August 2015 -

Standards for digital dental impressions. On 29 June, the International Organization for Standardization, ISO, published a revised version of ISO 12836, the standard for assessing the precision of the scanning devices used in dentistry to create digital impressions for prosthetics. The revision to ISO 12836 seems minor, but was necessary in order to restrict its scope […]

Newsletter, May 2015 -

Chairside CAD/CAM – The dentist as quality manager.
Vacant positions as visiting scientist at NIOM during 2016.

Newsletter, April 2015 -

SCENIHR has recently published an opinion on the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in medical devices1. Read more Mechanical properties are crucial in evaluating the quality of a dental material or indeed any material. Read more

Academy of Dental Materials, Bologna, 2014 -

Dr Hilde Kopperud and guest researcher Dr Jingwei He participated at the annual meeting of the Academy of Dental Materials, which was held in Bologna, Italy, 8–11 October 2014. The topics of the meeting included Biological perspective of restorative materials and clinical outcome, Recent developments of ceramic materials and clinical outcome, and Biomaterials and tissue […]

Norsk forening for fotobiologi og fotomedisin, 2014 -

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to the inventors of the blue LED. This light source is far more long-lasting and efficient than the existing alternatives. However, bright blue light sources can pose a risk to the retina of the eye. The use of blue light protective eye shields is necessary when being […]

Symposium on Light Sources in Dentistry, Halifax, 2014 -

Dr Hilde Kopperud and Dr Ellen Bruzell attended the Symposium on Light Sources in Dentistry in Halifax, Canada, 29–30 May 2014. The overall purpose of the meeting was to improve oral health by improving the longevity of resin restorations. The role of the dental curing light and how it is used in dentistry was reviewed. […]

Research areas -

Biomaterials are our main focus of research.

Newsletter, February 2015 -

Read our article about investigation of dental crowns: Overseas and Norwegian made dental crowns – does the delivery meet the ordered specifications?

Professional snippets -

Clinically relevant information on dental materials and procedures.

Newsletter, January 2015 -

The January 2015 issue of NIOM’s newsletter consists of two articles: “A new look at light curing in dentistry” and “Degree of cure of composite restorations”. I hope you will enjoy these articles. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us!

Publications 2015 -

NIOM’s publications from 2015.

Article about NIOM in Tidende 2014; 124 nr. 11 -

NIOM presented sessions about restorative dental materials at the yearly National Convention of the Norwegian Dental Association. Read about it here.

Newsletter, November 2014 -

The November issue of the NIOM Newsletter highlights the NIOM presentations at the national dental conventions in Sweden and Norway this autumn. For those of you not attending the seminar and as a reminder for those of you attending, a synopsis of the seminar “Tooth-coloured restorations – choice of materials, procedures and longevity” is given […]

Newsletter #2, October 2014 -

In this newsletter, an alternative antibiotic treatment like antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT) is presented. This method may reduce the need for antibiotics and reduce the risk for antibiotic resistance. One of NIOM’s many research methods are also highlighted; Western blotting is a common method to identify and quantify level-changes of proteins in tissues and cells […]

NIOM at NTF’s national convention -

NIOM is participating at the national convention of the Norwegian Dentists Association (NTF) at Lillestrøm 16–18 October. The lecture “Why some fillings last longer than others” will be given on Friday 17th by H.M. Kopperud, S.E. Kopperud and F. Staxrud (NIOM and UiO). Director Jon E. Dahl will give a talk Saturday 18th on “Repair […]

Newsletter, October 2014 -

Here is the October 2014 issue of the NIOM Newsletter. Hopefully, you will find it interesting. Repair and extension of dental composite restorations are everyday tasks for the dental clinic. The newsletter describes methods for improving the bond between the new composite and the old, remaining composite restoration. The best repair was achieved by using […]