Third Annual International Workshop on Light Sources in Dentistry -

NIOM researchers Head of Laboratory Hilde Kopperud and Senior Scientist Ellen Bruzell participated in a three-day workshop at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, hosted by Prof. Richard Price 24–26 June 2015. The meeting topics dealt with dental polymer composite materials and light curing LEDs. NIOM presented results of the following diverse topics: in vivo investigations of physiological […]

New employee: Ida Sofia Refsholt Stenhagen -

Ida Sofia Refsholt Stenhagen started a permanent position as a scientist on 18 May 2015. She holds a MSci. degree in Medicinal Chemistry (University College London) and a DPhil in Organic Chemistry (University of Oxford). Her research interests include fluorine chemistry, transition metal catalysis and polymer science. At NIOM she will be working on biocompatibility […]

Bioengineer students finish bachelor thesis at NIOM -

Bioengineer students from the University of Oslo and Akershus have completed their bachelor thesis at NIOM. One group wrote about “The effect of resin-based dental materials for protein S-glutathionylation” and the other “Oxidative stress caused by methacrylate effects of cell functions”. Supervisors from NIOM were Jan Tore Samuelsen, Else Morisbak and Solveig Uvsløkk.    

Norwegian state ownership report 2014 -

The ownership report is an annual report that provides an overview of the Norwegian state’s ownership and how the companies have developed. It is intended to increase knowledge about both the ministries’ administration of the state’s ownership and about the individual companies. NIOM is featured on page 94.

First dental student graduates from the Student Research Programme -

Long G. Nguyen is the first dental student who has graduated from the Student Research Programme in Norway. He attended the programme at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Bergen. His project dealt with polyamide as a denture material, some of the experimental work being done at NIOM. The supervisor was […]

Over-the-counter tooth bleaching -

Over-the-counter tooth bleaching. Complications related to the use of over-the-counter tooth bleaching products were investigated in a joint clinical study by the University of Gothenburg and NIOM. The products’ bleaching agent concentrations were close to the upper limit set by the EU Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC). Read more

Improved antibacterial methods -

Improved antibacterial methods. “Improved antibacterial phototoxicity of a neutral porphyrin in natural deep eutectic solvents” is the title of PhD candidate Kristine O. Wikene’s latest publication. Read more

Cements for gold inlays -

Resin-based cements used for gold inlays resisted erosive attack better and bonded the gold specimens to dentin statistically significant better than zinc phosphate cement a recent publication in the Norwegian Tannlegetidende concluded. Read more. Alternative sementer til gullinnlegg. Svendsen G, Dahl JE.  Nor Tannlegeforen Tid. 2015; 125: 420–4.

NIOM’s Senior Scientist John Tibballs participated in ISO workshop -

Senior Scientist John Tibballs participated in ISO Workshop for Chairs and Convenors “Effective ISO Meetings”. Tibballs is convenor of the working group WG 3 “Digitizing devices” of subcommittee SC 9 “CAD/CAM systems” under Technical Committee ISO TC 106 “Dentistry”.

NIOM comments the report “Testing av dentale materialer” (NO) -

Rapporten «Testing av dentale materialer» fra Universitetet i Oslo inneholder flere formelle feil med hensyn til standardene som er lagt til grunn for testingen. Dette gir muligheter for misforståelser for leserne av rapporten og kan sette materialer i feilaktig dårlig lys. Les mer her.

Board of Directors as of 2015 -

NIOM has a new Board of Directors as of 2015. Professor Pål Barkvoll is the new chairman of the board. The list of board members can be found here.

Test of chewing gums and lozenges -

NIOM measured the level of acidity in sugar-free chewing gum and pastilles initiated by the Norwegian newspaper VG. Read the article here (in Norwegian).

Society of Toxicology 2015 -

The US Society of Toxicology will have its yearly convention in San Diego, California, 22–26 March 2015. Professor Jon E. Dahl, Director at NIOM, has been invited as a speaker on the continuous education course on Advances in Safety Assessment of Medical Devices on 22 March 2015. His talk is entitled “The Use of Plastic […]

IADR 2015 -

Two scientists from NIOM will attend the IADR General Session in Boston, Massachusets, 11–14 March. Jan Tore Samuelsen will present: “In vitro cell responses to 2-hydroxy-propylmethacrylate (HPMA)”. Simen Kopperud’s presentation is titled: “Caries progression on approximal surfaces in contact with composite restorations”.

“Hazard using snuff” -

“Hazard using snuff” is the new report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health commissioned by the Ministry of Health and Care Services in Norway. The report shows that there has been a dramatic increase in smokeless tobacco use in Norway. Snuff use in Norway has tripled in five years. The increase is greatest in […]

Which eye shields are best when light-curing dental materials? -

Test results along with risk assessment and a review of light-induced damages and diseases are presented in Den norske tannlegeforenings Tidende ( and Tandläkartidningen  (, both with English summary. See Publications/Publications 2014; 2015.

Aktuel Nordisk Odontologi 2015 -

NIOM’s scientists have contributed two of the chapters in this annual odontology update. Topics covered by our staff are the antibacterial role of chitosan in dental materials and the regulatory requirements for digitally generated dental prosthetic constructions. Summaries in English are provided. See Publications/Publications 2015.