Hilde B. Molvig Kopperud, NIOM Head of Laboratory, adds researcher 1 to title -

In addition to being Head of Laboratory, Kopperud was recently promoted to “researcher 1” at NIOM. Researcher 1 is the highest position attainable for a researcher at NIOM and can be compared to a professorship.

NIOM welcomes newly appointed Senior Scientist Aida Mulic -

Aida Mulic (34) has recently joined NIOM’s ranks as senior scientist. Dr. Mulic complements the young blood NIOM has added in the last years.

NIOM to present at two seminars at the Swedish Annual Dental Congress -

Thousands of dental professionals, academics and researchers are swarming into Stockholm for the Swedish annual dental congress and Swedental trade fair, held Nov. 16-18 2016.

NIOM brings light to interdisciplinary workshop in Bergen -

The European Society for Skin Cancer Prevention (EUROSKIN) and the Norwegian Society for Photobiology and Photomedicine (NOFFOF) held a joint collaborative and interdisciplinary workshop in Bergen 3-4 November 2016.

NIOM at Norwegian Dental Association’s annual congress 2016 -

November 3rd to 5th sees thousands of dentists and dental health care professionals swarming into lovely Stavanger for the Norwegian Dental Association’s annual congress and the dental trade show NorDental.

NIOM represents in Chicago to strengthen Nordic patient safety -

Hilde Beate Molvig Kopperud represented NIOM at the annual meeting of the Academy of Dental Materials 2016.

Dental research and its relevancy in global times of crisis -

During the annual Norwegian festival of knowledge and science, held all over the country in the end of September, scientists and researchers from both NIOM and the University Of Oslo held a public forum at Oslo’s House of Literature to present some of the findings in the newest research and how they relate to “crossing borders,” the theme for the festival.

NIOM participate at ISO/TC 194 in Annapolis -

The international organization for standardization hosted a meeting from the 18. – 23. September in Annapolis, Maryland, USA where the goal was to further develop standards for biological and clinical evaluation of medical devices.

Presentation at IADR/Pan European Regional Congress -

Senior engineer Morten Syverud and senior engineer Inger Sofie Dragland from NIOM will contribute with posters presentations at The International Association for Dental Research (IADR). Congress will take place September 20-22, 2016, in Jerusalem, Israel.

NIOM aims to strengthen visibility -

Before the summer, NIOM established a two-year project position for a communications advisor in an effort to increase their visibility, an important part of the strategic plan NIOM’s owners and board has set for the period of 2016 – 2020. In the end of August, Jon-Eric Melsæter stepped in to the role.

NIOM participates at the 52nd annual ISO/TC 106 meeting -

Eight scientists from NIOM are participating at the 52nd annual ISO / TC 106 meeting in Tromsø, Norway.

Standards Norway and NIOM are hosting the 52nd annual ISO / TC 106 meeting in Tromsø -

300 delegates from 23 countries meet in Tromsø for the annual ISO/TC 106 meeting.

FDI Annual World Dental Congress 2016 -

This year FDIS annual convention took place in Poznan, Poland, September 7-10.

Statens eierberetning omhandler NIOM -

NIOM is presented in Norwegian Government’s yearbook of ownerships. Stating NIOM’s important role for pasient safety in the Nordics.

IADR General Session in Korea 2016 -

Research presented at the International Association of Dental Research annual meeting 2016.

Contribution at American Society for Photobiology 2016 -

Senior researcher Ellen Bruzell from NIOM participates at the American Society for Photobiology Conference in Tampa, Florida in May 2016.

Contribution at SIAM MS16 -

Senior scientist John E. Tibballs presents the poster “Phase delay for the b-function” at SIAM MS16 in Philadelphia, PA, USA. May 8-12 2016.

NIOM research presented at the Society of Toxicology annual meeting 2016 -

NIOM scientists present at the annual meeting of Society of Toxicology 2016.

Samarbeidsprosjekt om bakteriedrepende behandling -

Kristine Wikene, doktorgradkandidat fra Farmaøytisk insitutt, utfører deler av laboratoriearbeidet sitt ved NIOM.

Seniorforsker John E. Tibballs deltar i debattmøte -

NIOMs Seniorforsker John E. Tibballs deltar i debattmøte “Kvalitet i eldreomsorgen”

NSFT winter meeting at Beitostølen, Norway, 2016 -

Four employees from NIOM participate at the NSFT meeting at Beitostølen, Norway.

Presentation at the Northern Pharma Netwoork meeting -

Brianna Blomqvist gave a presentation at the Northern Pharma Network meeting in Helsingfors, Finland, Jan 19-21, 2016.

NIOM innleder samarbeide med Dental24 -

I samband med Odontologiska Riksstämman och Swedental i Göteborg tecknar Nordisk institutt for odontologiske materialer, NIOM, ett samarbetsavtal med den digitala nyhets- och kunskapskanalen Dental24.

NIOM participates at the ISO/TC 106 Dentistry meeting in Bangkok -

NIOM’s experts are strongly involved in standardization activities enhancing the quality of medical devices

NIOM representation at EDM 2015 -

The 23rd European Dental Materials Conference was held in Nürnberg, Germany, on August 27 and 28, 2015.

NIOM arranges a seminar at Odontologisk Riksstämma & Swedental 2015 -

The lecture highlights the advantages and disadvantages of the use of all- ceramic and metal ceramic restorations and aspects which may be crucial for the choice of restorative materials.

NIOM contributes at Annual Meeting of NTF 2015 -

Senior Engineer Ketil Kvam, Senior Researcher and Professor Nils Roar Gjerdet and Associate Professor Marit Øilo, former guest researcher at NIOM, will address both physical-chemical as well as clinical aspects of prosthetic alloys and different types of dental restorative ceramics at the annual meeting.

Best review article -

Professor emeritus Nils Jacobsen, working at NIOM was acknowledged for his authorship of the best review article in the Norwegian Dental

CED-IADR 2015 -

The 47th Meeting of the Continental European Division of the International Association for Dental Research (CED-IADR), is taking place in Antalya, Turkey, from October 15-17, 2015.

Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy -

New paper from Kristine Wikene on antimicrobial photodynamic therapy.

Best Poster Presentation European Conference on Biomaterials 2015 -

MSc Torbjørn Knarvang was awarded the Best Student Poster Presentation at the ESB 2015.

In vitro element release and biological aspects of base-metal alloys for metal-ceramic applications -

The aims of the study were to investigate the release of elements from, and the

Lumichrome photodegradation product of riboflavin -

Lumichrome, a photodegradation product of riboflavin, has the potential to kill bacteria when combined with irradiation (photoinactivation). The degree of phototoxic effect was influenced by the lumichrome formulations. These results are presented in a recent publication by Ph.D candidate Victoria J Valerón Bergh, jointly supervised by School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo and NIOM. Article […]

Forskningsdagene 2015 NIOM bidrar -

I anledning 2015 – The International Year of Light, bidrar NIOM under Forskningsdagene ved arrangementet kalt «Helse, lys og lysbaserte teknologier», 17. september på Litteraturhuset, Oslo http://www.forskningsdagene.no/arrangementer/helse-lys-og-lysbaserte-teknologier

NIOM – the choice of international researchers -

With some of the best facilities for testing and research on dental biomaterials, NIOM is increasingly popular among international researchers and higher-degree students. From Greece with Erasmus Andreas Koutroulis and Vasileios Kapralos have just finalized a 3-month research project funded by EU’s Erasmus+ programme. Both graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and wanted to gain […]

Congress of the European Society for Photobiology 2015 -

NIOM’s Senior Scientist Ellen Bruzell attends the 16th Congress of the European Society for Photobiology, in Aveiro, Portugal, 31 August – 4 September 2015.

Summertime … -

NIOM wishes all customers and business relations a wonderful summer!   Our office is open and staffed every day during the summer. Please contact us by phone (+47 67 51 22 00) or e-mail (niom@niom.no). Here is a small summary of our first half-year activities.   Publications We have published a number of articles so […]

Third Annual International Workshop on Light Sources in Dentistry -

NIOM researchers Head of Laboratory Hilde Kopperud and Senior Scientist Ellen Bruzell participated in a three-day workshop at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, hosted by Prof. Richard Price 24–26 June 2015. The meeting topics dealt with dental polymer composite materials and light curing LEDs. NIOM presented results of the following diverse topics: in vivo investigations of physiological […]

New employee: Ida Sofia Refsholt Stenhagen -

Ida Sofia Refsholt Stenhagen started a permanent position as a scientist on 18 May 2015. She holds a MSci. degree in Medicinal Chemistry (University College London) and a DPhil in Organic Chemistry (University of Oxford). Her research interests include fluorine chemistry, transition metal catalysis and polymer science. At NIOM she will be working on biocompatibility […]

Bioengineer students finish bachelor thesis at NIOM -

Bioengineer students from the University of Oslo and Akershus have completed their bachelor thesis at NIOM. One group wrote about “The effect of resin-based dental materials for protein S-glutathionylation” and the other “Oxidative stress caused by methacrylate effects of cell functions”. Supervisors from NIOM were Jan Tore Samuelsen, Else Morisbak and Solveig Uvsløkk.