New webinar on toxicity out now -

In NIOM’s newset webinar you learn about toxicity in resin-based dental biomaterials from senior scientist Jan Tore Samuelsen.

Tooth bleaching webinar out now -

Professor Jon E. Dahl talks about tooth bleaching in this new webinar from NIOM. Valid for continuing education points.

New dental technician at NIOM -

NIOM is proud to announce that Heidi Vanessa Holm has joined our staff. She is a graduate of Oslo Metropolitan University, where she specialized in fixed prosthetics. – I am grateful, and happy to be joining NIOM, Holm says. In 2015 she did the testing for her bachelor at NIOM. Her chosen subject was «Influence […]

Ledig stilling: FORSKER – MIKROBIOLOGI -

Ledig stilling for forsker innen mikrobiologi hos NIOM i Oslo. Søker må ha relevant utdannelse på master- eller PhD. nivå.

Coronavirus – measures taken by NIOM -

NIOM support and follow the national guidelines regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. We have taken the recommended precautions to ensure the safety of our people while staying operational, and carrying out scheduled test activities.

New webinar -

This is a webinar for those who are curious about how dental materials are tested and evaluated. Senior scientist Aida Mulic, DDS, PhD, acts as guide as we visit seven of NIOM’s laboratories.

Statistician joins NIOM -

NIOM is proud to announce that statistician Linda Vos, PhD, has joined our ranks. Vos studied mathematics and statistics at the Universities of Oslo, Utrecht and Amsterdam. Her PhD is from the University of Oslo. – We’re very happy Linda has chosen NIOM for the next step in her career, director Jon E. Dahl says. […]

New biomaterial engineer at NIOM -

NIOM is happy to announce that engineer Freya Sofia Andersen has joined NIOM. Andersen has a background in chemistry, material science and ceramics.

Arne Hensten, a frontrunner in the world of dentistry, retires -

It is with the greatest appreciation we, his colleagues at NIOM, wish dr. odont Arne Hensten a long and healthy retirement. He has been our “grand old man”, tirelessly accumulating and sharing knowledge since he was first employed with us as a researcher in 1974.

Enjoying NIOM’s new direction -

– In the past few years, it seems that NIOM’s focus has broadened to include a new range of biomaterials. Maybe because there has been an influx of new people, and new ideas. I find this exciting, says current guest researcher at NIOM, associate professor Qalbi Khan.

When knowledge multiplies -

– These are strange times, says Per Vult von Steyern. The Swedish professor in prosthetic dentistry is currently a guest researcher at NIOM. Fortunately, the Norwegian Covid19-restrictions do not restrict him. Quite the contrary. – It’s so quiet, it’s almost meditative, he says, half smiling. Usually, Per divides his time between his responsibilities at the […]

New network meeting this Friday -

The Norwegian National Network Group for Oral Health Research and Innovation will hold its fourth meeting on Friday, May 15. While the three first meetings were held at NIOMs offices, this one will be digital. – The agenda includes a presentation of the HelseOmsorg21-monitor. This new website provides a one-stop compilation of national statistics on […]

A foot in each camp for NIOMs guest researcher -

When assistant professor Ketil Haugli goes to work this year, his time is split 50/50. A generous half goes to his students at the Dental Technology program at Oslo Metropolitan University, and a maybe even bigger half goes to his position as guest researcher at NIOM. – It’s the best of both worlds. I get […]

Guest researching at NIOM -

Guest researchers are a welcome part of our community at NIOM. This has not changed in the past months. Even though some have had to postpone their visits, others, like Dr. Jingwei He, got here just in time. – Right now, I am working on a project concerning preparation and characterization of dental resin composites […]

Webinar on forensic odontology on April 27th -

Join our webinar on April 27th to hear about dental identification work. Our experts talk about international work, cold cases and how you may one day become involved.

New Swedish guest researcher -

Julia Olander is currently a guest researcher at NIOM. Read about her experience, and why she chose to bring her family with her to Oslo.

NIOM at NSFT winter meeting -

The Norwegian Society of Pharmacology and Toxicology (NSFT) will hold its annual winter meeting at Beitostølen, Norway, 23-26 January 2020. Among NIOMs representatives you can find this trio: Bergitte Olderbø, Solveig Uvsløkk, og Mathias Fon. Bergitte, Solveig, and colleagues, are there with the poster: “The in vitro toxicity of a dental resin monomer varies among […]

Webinar: Fluor and fluorider -

Join our webinar on the 12th of February. We’ll talk about fluor and fluorider, and how to meet fluor sceptics

New doctorate at NIOM -

On December 5th, NIOM scientist Amund Ruud successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the University of Oslo. The thesis Novel Materials and Operando Studies for Lithium-Ion Batteries explores new materials for lithium-ion batteries.

NIOMs first year with NORCE -

NIOMs first year with NORCE, has been about business as usual as well as gearing up for the future.

New ISO Standard on accuracy of intra-oral scanning -

A standard on digital impression devices – and methods for assessing accuracy, has just been published. The standard was developed by an international working group headed by NIOM’s senior scientist John Tibballs, and managed by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC). The standard, published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was made public on […]

Light Research meets dentistry -

Have you ever wondered how successful the use of light-activated antimicrobial treatment in dentistry is? Or whether the combined light exposure from different dental equipment in the dental clinic, is too high? These topics were reviewed in three different lectures by NIOM’s scientists, at the European Society for Photobiology (ESP), in Spain. (Links to the […]

Strong NIOM presence at CED-IADR/ NOF -

Senior scientist Aida Mulic opened Thursday’s symposium «Dental Erosion – The new toothache».

Statens eierberetning 2018 -

NIOM is a state-owned limited company where the Ministry of Health and Care Services holds 49 % of the shares. Each year the state issues an ownership report that provides an overview of the State’s ownership and how the companies have developed. It is intended to increase knowledge about both the ministries’ administration of the […]

Doctoral dissertation in Aarhus -

On Friday June 28, NIOM’s CEO, prof. Jon E. Dahl acted as public opponent when PhD candidate Yasser Haddadi defended his doctoral dissertation in Aarhus, Denmark. The dissertation is titled: “Intra-oral scanning in fixed prosthodontics – Laboratory and clinical comparative studies.” The study Dr. Haddadi’s study centered on the accuracy of eight different intra-oral scanners, […]

NIOM wish you all a great summer -

As the Scandinavian summer month July approaches, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our research collages, customers and business relations a great summer.

Great ceremony at doctoral examination in Turku -

John Tibballs, senior scientist at NIOM, acted as public opponent at the final doctoral examination for Mr. Durgesh Bangalore Huchaiah.

Webinar: Minimal intervention dentistry -

In our next webinar, you will learn about minimal intervention dentistry. The principle is to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible.

NIOM welcomes visiting scientists -

Every year we welcome several visiting scientists to NIOM in Oslo. Most come from Scandinavia, and several are return guests.

Vacant positions as visiting scientist at NIOM during 2020 -

Positions as visiting scientist in the field of dental and medical biomaterials research are offered at the Nordic Institute of Dental Materials, NIOM, in Oslo, Norway.

Staying ahead with 3DP -

Our recent procurement, the Asiga MAX UV 3D printer, adds speed and predictability to our production of test specimens

Scientist returns to NIOM -

NIOM is pleased to announce the return of Simen E. Kopperud, as Senior Scientist, after a two years absence

New material expert at NIOM -

We are proud to announce that PhD-fellow Amund Ruud has joined NIOM effective April.

New Communications Manager at NIOM -

NIOM is happy to announce Siv Palm as its new communications manager, effective April

A guide to materials’ selection -

Stay updated on materials’ selection. Professor Nils Roar Gjerdet addresses what aspects to consider during material selection and use in the webinar on April 10th! Read more and sign up!

NIOM at IDS 2019 -

The International Dental Show (IDS) takes place in Cologne, Germany, from 12-16 March 2019.

NIOM Scientist attending the 58th Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology -

Senior scientist Jan T. Samuelsen is attending the 58th Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology in Baltimore, Maryland, March 10-14.