New CEO at NIOM -

Professor Per Vult von Steyern, 62, from Malmö, has been appointed to be the CEO of NIOM, starting May. He succeeds Professor Jon E. Dahl, 71.

Ledig stilling – statistiker 20 % -

Det er ledig 20 % stilling som statistiker ved NIOM. Vi søker etter statistiker med erfaring fra medisinske og/eller odontologiske forskningsmiljøer. Statistikeren skal bistå ved planlegging og evaluering av kliniske forskningsprosjekter og laboratoriestudier.

Webkurs 18 januar – påmelding nå -

Hør Frode Staxrud forelese om minimal invasiv tannbehandling kvelden 18 januar kl 18.00 til 20.00. Staxrud vil gå gjennom flere eksempler og vise når det er aktuelt med operativ tannbehandling, og når det beste for pasienten er forebyggende tiltak. Kurset teller 2 poeng i NTF sitt obligatoriske etterutdanningsprogram. Pris kr 350. Påmelding: send mail med […]

Ledig stilling – forsker biomaterialer 60% -

Det er ledig fast 60 % forskerstilling for en odontolog eller medisiner ved Nordisk institutt for odontologiske materialer AS (NIOM). Biomaterialer til odontologiske og medisinske formål er i sterk utvikling, og det er ønskelig å styrke NIOMs kompetanse innen området. Vi søker en aktiv forsker med relevante publikasjoner innen fagområdet dentale eller medisinske biomaterialer.

New webinar out now -

Watch our new webinar “Zirconia in dentistry” with senior scientist Amund Ruud and engineer Freya Sofia Andersen, on our Youtube channel niom@biomaterials. In this webinar you will get an in depth intro


NIOM’s Maria Pain and Aida Mulic at this year’s NTF in Norway. Pain held a lecture about Microbiology in dentistry.

New visiting scientists at NIOM -

NIOM has welcomed two guest researchers affiliated with Finish universities. Heba Abdelrazik is coming to work on a project connected to her PhD, while Pekka Ahlholm is doing some post-doctorate research. Barely two weeks into their stay, they’re happily settling in.

NIOM scientist wins article of the year award -

The American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (JAFC) and Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry honoured senior scientist Silvio Uhlig. Uhlig joined NIOM in June 2022, as the institute’s newest expert on organic and analytical chemistry.

Ledig stilling: Administrerende direktør -

NIOMs administrerende direktør trer inn i pensjonistenes rekker neste år, og vi søker hans erstatter. Les mer om stillingen og kvalifikasjonene her.

Join our symposium at PER-IADR -

On September 16, NIOM and NOF will host a joint symposium titled “Biological and clinical aspects of modern composite techniques”. – NIOMs Frode Staxrud will chair the event, says Jon E. Dahl, NIOMs CEO. Staxrud is joined by Pekka K. Vallittu from the University of Turku, NIOMs Jan Tore Samuelsen and Niek Opdam from Radboud […]

NIOM to PER-IADR Oral Health Research congress 2022 -

You will be able to meet NIOM on three different occasions at the PER-IADR in Marseille. From the exhibition area, to the poster section, to the symposium “Biological and clinical aspects of modern composite techniques” with NIOMs Frode Staxrud as chair.

New webinar out now -

Curious about 3D-printing in dentistry? Watch our newest webinar and learn about principles and techniques. She also cover challenges of resin printing, material properties and clinical aspects.

Visit at Eastman Institute -

We at NIOM were so lucky to get to visit Eastman Institute in Stockholm last week. We were welcomed by Andreas Cederlund, Wedad Hammoudi and the rest of their personnel. It was a most interesting visit, where we got a tour, joined in on some interesting discussions, and heard the latest about their project KompetensTräningsCentrum. […]

Vacant positions as visiting scientist at NIOM during 2023 -

Vacant positions as visiting scientist at NIOM during 2023. Positions as visiting scientist in the field of dental and medical biomaterials research are offered at the Nordic Institute of Dental Materials, NIOM, in Oslo, Norway.

NIOM celebrates it’s 50th with an anniversary book -

The anniversary book “En reise i kunnskap og kvalitet, NIOM 50 år” is now available.

NIOM turns 50! -

NIOM, The Nordic Institute of Dental Materials, celebrates its 50th anniversary on Thursday the 12th of May. The institute marks the occasion with a seminar led by the renowned Christine Calvert, with lectures by philosopher Henrik Syse, as well as dental researchers from across the Nordics.

Staxrud in Antalya -

This week, NIOMs Frode Staxrud, will participate in the European Federation of Conservative Dentistry, the EFCDs meeting in Antalya, Turkey. Staxrud will speak on the subject of minimally invasive dentistry, when and how a dentist might intervene.

New guest researchers at NIOM -

NIOM has welcomed five new visiting scientists this fall. They are; Wedad Hammoudi from Sweden, Sigfus Eliasson from Iceland, and from Norway, Sunita Sharma, Amela Tulek, and Anneli Skjold. Hammoudi and Skjold are working with different aspects like esthetics and strength of zirconia for dental applications. Eliasson has an ongoing project on procedures for long […]

New webinar out now -

Professor dr. odont., Per Vult von Steyern talks about which zirconia materials work best in different clinical situations. How to prepare and get the best, most long lasting result? Listen and watch as professor von Steyern give a few clinical examples on methods, and use, for translucent monolithic zirconium dioxide.”

Foto: Sjur M. Kleppan, Det odontologiske fakultet, UiO.
PhD defence by Mina Aker Sagen -

On November 26th, Mina Aker Sagen will defend her thesis entitled “Resin-based cements and substrate surfaces – an evaluation of critical factors for bond strength”

Ledig stilling som selger -

Det er ledig en fast nyopprettet stilling som salgskonsulent ved NIOM. Stillingens hovedoppgave er kundekontakt og salg av NIOMs kommersielle aktiviteter til produsenter av biomaterialer. I tillegg vil den aktuelle kandidaten kunne delta i materialprøving på laboratoriet. Vi ser etter en positiv, utadrettet og selvstendig person som tar ansvar og oppnår resultater. Arbeidsoppgaver Kundekontakt og […]

In memoriam Gudbrand Øilo 1936-2021 -

Professor Gudbrand Øilo, DDS passed away on September 5th 2021, at 85 years of age. Gudbrand Øilo was affiliated with NIOM for more than 25 years. He came initially as a research scientist from 1977 to 1979. He then went on to become associate professor at the Faculty of Dentistry in Oslo, and professor in […]

Pain new microbiologist at NIOM -

NIOM is happy to announce that Maria Pain from the University of Tromsø has become the institute’s leading microbiologist. Pain has a Ph.D. in microbiology, and a M.Sc. in medical biology. Her focus, through work and study, has been the interaction between bacteria and their host.

Forskerstilling – Kjemi -

Det er ledig en fast stilling som forsker i kjemi ved Nordisk institutt for odontologiske materialer (NIOM). Vi søker etter en aktiv medarbeider med god kompetanse innen kjemi og interesse for biomaterialer. Biomaterialer for odontologiske og medisinske formål er i sterk utvikling, og vi ønsker å forsterke vår kunnskap på dette området. Stillingen vil hovedsakelig […]

Forskerstilling – Tannlege -

Det er ledig fast stilling som forsker ved Nordisk Institutt for Odontologiske Materialer AS (NIOM). Det er ønskelig å styrke NIOMs kompetanse innen protetiske problemstillinger, og stillingen er et ledd i dette. Vi søker en aktiv forsker med relevante publikasjoner innen fagområdet dentale biomaterialer. Det kan være aktuelt å ansette i mindre enn 100 % […]

Energy drink sales spike – teeth suffers -

Energy drink sales in Norway are up 60 percent in the last year. The spike in sales have more and more dentist worried about increased damage to drinker’s teeth. A new article at explores the subject, bringing in the newest numbers and research. Among the experts consulted are NIOM’s Aida Mulic. Read the whole […]

In Memoriam -

Jostein Pettersen who passed away on 1 June, was the very first employee of the Scandinavian Institute of Dental Materials as NIOM was named from its inception. He was office manager from 15 April 1972 until his retirement in 2002. Until Professor Ivar A. Mjör was appointed Institute Director on 1 January the following year, he was the only employee.

New collaborative article in Iceland’s Tannlæknablaðið -

Reykjavik’s University’s Sigfus Thor Eliasson and NIOM’s John Tibballs and Jon Dahl, have just published a new article in the Icelandic dental journal Tannlæknablaðið. The topic is bonding, and the article is named “Effect of Adhesive Layer Thickness and Surface Treatments on Composite Repair Strength”. The study The aim of the study was to evaluate […]

Vacant positions as visiting scientist at NIOM during 2022 -

Are you curious about research, or a seasoned scientist in need of more time or inspiration? Apply now to become a visiting scientist at NIOM in 2022.

New webinar on toxicity out now -

In NIOM’s newset webinar you learn about toxicity in resin-based dental biomaterials from senior scientist Jan Tore Samuelsen.

Tooth bleaching webinar out now -

Professor Jon E. Dahl talks about tooth bleaching in this new webinar from NIOM. Valid for continuing education points.

New dental technician at NIOM -

NIOM is proud to announce that Heidi Vanessa Holm has joined our staff. She is a graduate of Oslo Metropolitan University, where she specialized in fixed prosthetics. – I am grateful, and happy to be joining NIOM, Holm says. In 2015 she did the testing for her bachelor at NIOM. Her chosen subject was «Influence […]

Ledig stilling: FORSKER – MIKROBIOLOGI -

Ledig stilling for forsker innen mikrobiologi hos NIOM i Oslo. Søker må ha relevant utdannelse på master- eller PhD. nivå.

Coronavirus – measures taken by NIOM -

NIOM support and follow the national guidelines regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. We have taken the recommended precautions to ensure the safety of our people while staying operational, and carrying out scheduled test activities.

New webinar -

This is a webinar for those who are curious about how dental materials are tested and evaluated. Senior scientist Aida Mulic, DDS, PhD, acts as guide as we visit seven of NIOM’s laboratories.

Statistician joins NIOM -

NIOM is proud to announce that statistician Linda Vos, PhD, has joined our ranks. Vos studied mathematics and statistics at the Universities of Oslo, Utrecht and Amsterdam. Her PhD is from the University of Oslo. – We’re very happy Linda has chosen NIOM for the next step in her career, director Jon E. Dahl says. […]

New biomaterial engineer at NIOM -

NIOM is happy to announce that engineer Freya Sofia Andersen has joined NIOM. Andersen has a background in chemistry, material science and ceramics.

Arne Hensten, a frontrunner in the world of dentistry, retires -

It is with the greatest appreciation we, his colleagues at NIOM, wish dr. odont Arne Hensten a long and healthy retirement. He has been our “grand old man”, tirelessly accumulating and sharing knowledge since he was first employed with us as a researcher in 1974.

Enjoying NIOM’s new direction -

– In the past few years, it seems that NIOM’s focus has broadened to include a new range of biomaterials. Maybe because there has been an influx of new people, and new ideas. I find this exciting, says current guest researcher at NIOM, associate professor Qalbi Khan.

When knowledge multiplies -

– These are strange times, says Per Vult von Steyern. The Swedish professor in prosthetic dentistry is currently a guest researcher at NIOM. Fortunately, the Norwegian Covid19-restrictions do not restrict him. Quite the contrary. – It’s so quiet, it’s almost meditative, he says, half smiling. Usually, Per divides his time between his responsibilities at the […]