Award for article on biological reactions


Congratulations to Lars Björkman, Nils Roar Gjerdet, Jan Tore Samuelsen, Håkon Valen and Torgils Laegreld! Today they received the award for Best Scientific Review Article 2018!


The article entitled “Biological reactions to dental materials” was published in Dentistry Journal number 11/2017. It was part of an article series on dental materials in the Dentistry Journal.


The article is well written, relevant and worth mentioning as we in dental care probably no not report all biological reactions, says Thomas Jacobsen, scientific editor of the Dental Journal.


Read more here:­-biologiska-reaktioner/ (Swedish).



About the authors:
Lars Björkman, NORCE and University of Bergen.
Nils Roar Gjerdet, University of Bergen and NIOM.
Jan Tore Samuelsen, NIOM.
Håkon Valen, NIOM.
Torgils Laegreld, University of Bergen.