As a Nordic Cooperative Body for dental biomaterials, NIOM has been working to promote patient safety for over 50 years. NIOM’s activities support our vision: ensuring that dental biomaterials are safe and effective.


Nordic Institute of Dental Materials (NIOM) was established in 1972, as a joint Nordic institute located in Oslo. Our obligation was and still is to work towards ensuring that the materials and equipment intended for use in dentistry in the Nordic countries are safe and appropriate. This aim is met through materials testing, standardisation and research.


The Nordic profile of NIOM is also reflected in the board. Our board consists of one member from each of the Nordic countries, as well as representatives appointed by our owners; NORCE and the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.


NIOM has a well-qualified staff covering all aspects of dental biomaterials: clinical dentistry, biology, toxicology, analytic and polymer chemistry, metallurgy and mechanical testing. We are currently 28 working together to meet the aims of NIOM.


NIOM’s purpose is to ensure that medical devices which are used in dental care in the Nordic countries meet health and technical requirements. Our tasks are research, material testing, standardization and information activities aimed at the Nordic countries’ health authorities and dental health service. Read about our progress and results in our annual reports.