NIOM Visiting Scientist presents findings at Finnish Dental Congress -

How do choices of restorative materials following pulpotomy in primary molars affect children who attended public oral health services? Battsetseg Tseveenjav has looked at this.

Tanntekniker / Teknisk medarbeider -

Det er ledig en fast stilling som teknisk medarbeider ved Nordisk institutt for odontologiske materialer (NIOM). Vi søker primært etter en tanntekniker, men annen relevant teknisk utdanning er også interessant. Søker bør ha utdannelse på bachelor-nivå; arbeidserfaring kan oppveie for manglende formell utdannelse.

Ledig 60 % forskerstilling -

Det er ledig fast 60 % stilling som forsker ved Nordisk Institutt for Odontologiske Materialer (NIOM). Helse- og omsorgsdepartementet har styrket NIOMs budsjett for videreutvikling av kompetansen innen klinisk materialforskning i samarbeid med de regionale odontologiske kompetansesentrene i Norge og med kliniske fagmiljøer i Norden. Stillingen er et ledd i å styrke denne kompetansen, og forskeren vil inngå i det samlede forskermiljøet ved NIOM.

NIOM at Suomen Hammaslääkäripäivät Apollonia, Helsinki -

NIOM has a stand at the Finnish annual meeting and dental trade fair, taking place right now, from Nov 23rd-25th. Make sure you swing by and sign up so you can stay up to date withresearch relevant to your clinical workday.

”The Essentials of Bonding” – questions asked, questions answered -

NIOM Scientist Frode Staxrud, DDS, was the presenter in a NIOM webinar held on October 24. He discussed the latest in dental adhesive techniques, as well as the do’s and don’t’s of dental bonding procedures.

Come say hello to NIOM at Riksstämman 2017 / Swedental! -

From15th to the 17th of November, it is time for the annual meeting and Nordic trade fair for the dental industry, Riksstämman 2017 / Swedental. Dentists, dental technicians, researchers, dental hygienists and students gather at the Stockholm event to get acquainted with product news and the latest research. NIOM has a stand and we will […]

NIOM warns against tooth bleaching with charcoal toothpaste -

Users are simply cheated, charcoal tooth bleaching products simply does not bleach, according to NIOM Managing Director, Jon E. Dahl.

NIOM host to Norway’s regional dental health research centers -

NIOM received directors and research directors from Norway’s regional dental health competence centers today.