See you at Nordental 2017! -

NIOM will be present with both presenters and a stand at NTF Landsmøte and Nordental 2017.

NIOM to Turku Biomaterials Days 2017 -

Turku Biomaterials Days 2017 is held October 26-27 in Finland at Turku Science Park. The topic this year is “Interfaces and Interphases” and the conference aims to provide a clear understanding and key concepts on the interactions between different biomaterials and the surrounding tissues. NIOM is represented with Head of Laboratory Hilde M. Kopperud and […]

NIOM Senior Engineer Ketil Kvam to Academy of Dental Materials -

The annual meeting of The Academy of Dental Materials takes place in Nuremberg, Germany from October 5-7.

Webinar: Essentials of dental bonding -

Welcome to a free webinar on October 24th 2017.