Interactions of liposomes with dental materials -

Liposomes are nanosized vesicular structures that are well-recognized for their function as drug delivery systems. The surface charge of the liposomes seems to be the main determinant in the immediate interaction between liposomes and dental restoratives.

Quality of medical devices used in dentistry -

The longevity and efficacy of dental restorative procedures is to a great extent related to the quality of the products used. The quality and use of medical devices has a direct impact on health issues and health economics.

Anti-biofilm Effect of Methacrylated Chitosan Incorporated Denture Base Resin -

Abstract Objectives Chitosan is a carbohydrate polymer derived from chitin with a reported antimicrobial effect against bacteria. The present study aimed to investigate the biofilm inhibitory effect of methacrylated chitosan covalently incorporated into the polymethylmethacrylate polymeric network of a denture base resin. Methods Methacrylated chitosan was synthesized by reacting low molecular weight (LMW) chitosan with […]

Internal Fit of Single Crowns Produced by CAD/CAM and Lost-wax Metal Casting Technique Assessed by the Triple-scan Protocol -

Abstract Objectives To digitally study the internal fit of single crown fixed dental prostheses produced by CAD/CAM and by lost-wax and metal casting techniques. Methods On an upper jaw simulator with KaVo typodont teeth, the left insisor was prepared for single crown. Impression and scans were taken and three copings were manufactured from each group: […]

IADR General Session in Korea 2016 -

Research presented at the International Association of Dental Research annual meeting 2016.