Chairside CAD/CAM – the dentist as Quality Manager -

For some dental clinics, intra-oral scanning to create a digital rather than physical impression of a patient’s dentition is but the first stage of an in-house production of a crown, bridge or inlay. While many dentists send the digital impression to a dental technician with a purchase order for the required prosthesis, chairside manufacture offers the advantage of one-session treatment and the close involvement of the dentist in producing the prosthesis.

Vacant positions as visiting scientist during 2016 -

Positions as visiting scientist in the field of dental biomaterials research are offered at the Nordic Institute of Dental Materials, NIOM, in Oslo, Norway. The purpose of NIOM’s visiting scientist programme is to enhance Nordic collaboration on dental biomaterials research. Positions are available during 2016 for periods between 3 and 6 months.