Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy: a new antibacterial treatment -

As the rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria worldwide accelerates, there is a great need for alternative antibiotic treatments like antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT).

Western blotting -

Information on altered expression of toxicologically relevant genes is important when analyzing the underlying mechanism of toxic responses in cells. Western blotting is a common method to identify and quantify level-changes of proteins in tissues and cells exposed to possible toxic compounds.

Improved composite repair -

Repairing and extending composite restorations are common and well-accepted procedures for the dental practitioner. Evaluation of the repair strength has great research focus by using tensile and shear bond strength measurements. The present collaborative study from NIOM has assessed the effect of surface treatments and bonding systems on the repair bond strength between composite materials after 1 and 12 months of storage, using a tensile test method.

New research group at NIOM -

A new research group is established at NIOM, focusing on clinical research. The group consists of four scientists, Simen E. Kopperud, HÃ¥kon Valen, Rune Becher and Jon E. Dahl, with a broad and diverse scientific background. They have extensive knowledge from toxicology, dental materials, epidemiology, environmental science and microbiology. This experience and knowledge is giving an initiative and opportunity for inter-disciplinary research.