Changes in appearance of silicone elastomers for maxillofacial prostheses as a result of aging -

A study which investigates the influence of certain defined variables on color and opacity of silicone elastomers for maxillofacial prostheses.

Using protective gloves, protection or potential risk? -

Eleven different protective gloves made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber or plastic polymer materials were tested with regard to permeability to methylmethacrylate (MMA). Further, the cytotoxicity of the glove materials were tested using three methods

Risk for spontaneous abortion among primiparous dental surgeons in Norway. -

Occupational exposure to potentially hazardous agents may increase the risk of spontaneous abortion. The present study addresses the frequency and risk for miscarriage among dental surgeons compared to those of high-schoolteachers and non-employed women. A self-administered postal questionnaire was mailed to all dental surgeons registered in the Norwegian Dental Association (n=1320), and to a random sample of high schools teachers(n=1084), recruited from the registry in the Norwegian Educational Association.

Dental workplace exposure and effect on fertility -

This study assessed occupational exposure in dental surgeries on the basis of the reported use of dental materials and techniques and applied waiting-time-to-pregnancy methodology to study fertility in relation to the occupational exposure.

Irritation of dental adhesive agents evaluated by the HET–CAM test -

The HET–CAM test (hen’s egg–chorioallantoic membrane test) was used to evaluate the irritative potential of dental adhesive agents used to improve the clinical quality of resin-based restorations.