Color stability of denture base polymers -

One light-polymerized, three heat-polymerized, and three autopolymerized denture base polymers were exposed to coffee, tea, water at 50 degrees C +/- 1 degree C, as well as artificial sunlight and water, and evaluated for color stability.

How different curing methods affect the degree of conversion of resin-based inlay/onlay materials -

The purpose of this investigation was to measure the conversion of five inlay materials with different curing methods. In particular, the influence of secondary curing in light ovens—that is, additional curing with light and heat simultaneously—was evaluated.

Hydroxyapatite coatings on Ti produced by hot isostatic pressing. -

Plasma spraying is a technique currently used in the production of HA-coated titanium implants. These coatings have been shown to be porous; they dissolve and have a weak bond to the substrate.