The chemistry of adhesive agents. -

The chemical aspects of dental adhesive systems are reviewed and discussed. Adhesive agents must have the ability to wet and then to adhere to hard dental tissues

How does the curing lamp operate? -

A major factor contributing to the quality of a light cured-based composite restoration is the efficacy of the light curing unit. To obtain a good curing depth and an optimal degree of conversion in the restoration, a sufficiently high light intensity (radient exitance) and an appropriate spectral distrubutin of the curing light is required

Chemical, physical, and histologic studies on four commercial apatites used for alveolar ridge augmentation -

The purpose of the study was to evaluate four commercial apatite products.

Types of resin-based inlay materials and their properties -

The advantage of the inlay technique is that polymerisation shrinkage of the composite occurs before bonding to tooth structure