Conversion in different depths of ultraviolet and visible light activated composite materials. -

Studies by means of infrared multiple internal reflection spectroscopy of ultraviolet and visible light polymerized composite resin materials indicated that the degree of conversion below the surface is nearly constant for most of the materials investigated until a depth is reached where the degree of conversion rapidly decreases.

Compressive creep of light cured resin based restorative materials. -

Creep characteristics of four light activated composite of different composition were determined at 37 and 50 degrees C. The creep properties were compared with the composition of the materials.

Conversion in denture base polymers. -

The purpose of this investigation was to determine residual monomers, the insoluble gel fraction, and singly reacted dimethacrylate monomers in heat-polymerized, auto-polymerized conventional and pour-type denture base materials.

The effect of asbestos-alternatives on the accuracy of cast veneer crowns -


The effect of three different lining materials on the investment expansion during the casting procedure, was compared. The accuracy of the castings was assessed by measuring slits at the gingival shoulder of a cast veneer crown. The liners were made of asbestosos, paper and a glassfiber material.

A novel miniature bite force recorder and its clinical application. -

Eight females and eight males, 20 to 25 years old, were asked to produce a succession of maximum bites at three second intervals for as long as possible. The mean maximal bite force was 500 N ranging from 330 to 680 N.