Is dental erosive wear a common condition among 16-year-olds in Troms, Norway? - The aim of the present study was to investigate the prevalence, distribution and severity of dental erosive wear among 16-year old adolescents living in Troms. Clinical, intra-oral pictures of 392 individuals involved in the «Tromsø undersøkelsen, Fit Futures» were evaluated for dental erosive wear by three previously calibrated examiners.
Effect of curing and silanizing on composite repair bond strength using an improved micro-tensile test method - To evaluate the micro-tensile repair bond strength between aged and new composite, using silane and adhesives that were cured or left uncured when new composite was placed.
Water sorption and solubility of polyamide denture base materials - Some patients experience adverse reactions to poly(methyl methacrylate)-based (PMMA) dentures. Polyamide (PA) as an alternative to PMMA has, however, not been well documented with regard to water sorption and water solubility. The aim of this in vitro study was to measure water sorption and water solubility of two PA materials compared with PMMA, and to evaluate the major components released from the PA materials and the effect on hardness of the materials.
NIOM Senior Engineer Ketil Kvam to Academy of Dental Materials - The annual meeting of The Academy of Dental Materials takes place in Nuremberg, Germany from October 5-7.
Webinar: Essentials of dental bonding - Welcome to a free webinar on October 24th 2017.
Research networking with NIOM! - Collaborate with our experienced scientists and enjoy our great lab facilities.
NIOM with strong representation at CED-IADR/NOF 2017 - NIOM will represent strongly this year at the 2017 CED-IADR/NOF Oral Health Research Congress, which takes place in Vienna September 21-23.
Norwegian broadcaster stops testing of home tooth bleaching kits - Norwegian broadcaster stops testing of home tooth bleaching kits after NIOM safety tests reveal illegally high amounts of hydrogen peroxide.
NIOM welcomes Finnish guest researcher Taria Tanner - Tarja Tanner will stay as a guest researcher at NIOM for six months.



NIOM has established a programme for the quality evaluation of a number of dental products. The evaluation is based on testing of the products according to methods in relevant ISO and other standards, or according to other well-established and documented test methods. Products fulfilling the set requirements are granted permission to use the NIOM TESTED quality seal. The NIOM TESTED quality seal confirms that the product meets the requirements specified by NIOM.