The news section keeps you informed about some of the activities that are going on at NIOM. We share updates on conference participation, standardization meeting and other issues that we think may be of interest to our readers.
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A priority at NIOM is to keep our colleagues at the clinics informed about new research within biomaterials and dentistry. Every month our newsletter reaches nearly 10.000 dentists and researchers across the Nordic countries where our latest research publications are promoted.


Our researchers work continuously and diligently towards NIOMs visio: ensuring that dental biomaterials are safe and effective. They publish their work through scientific articles in distinguished publications.
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Welcome to the section for product information and reports.
Here both dental healthcare professionals and health authorities can find a wide variety of information.



Dentala Material Norden (DMN) is a data base presenting information of dental materials on the Scandinavian market. The intention is to gather relevant information of dental materials for the dental personnel at one site. DMN is a cooperation between NIOM and the University of Umeå (Sweden) and is financed through Nordic funding. The data base is continuously updated, however, it may not at all times contain all relevant materials.