Filling materials -

Repair, expand or replace a composite filling?

Designation of dental alloys -

What is the recommended terminology for designating dental alloys?

Appropriate dental materials for treating elderly, infirm, institutionalized patients -

A report written on the deterioration in dental health that occurs when elderly people move into institutional care.

Allergy and dental materials -

NIOM has received several inquiries from Nordic dental personnel about allergies to components in various dental materials.

Dual-cured luting materials tested -

Dual-cured luting materials tested according to some of the requirements in “Dentistry – Polymer-based restorative materials”.
Measurements were performed at NIOM according to ISO 4049:2009. Twelve materials were tested with two shades (if available). The data were collected from 2009 to 2010.

Provning (skjuvtest) av bondingmaterial enligt ISO/TS 11405:2003 -

Användningen av bondingmaterial (adhesiver) har revolutionerat den restaurativa tandvården (1). Det finns ett antal material med adhesiva egenskaper. Polymerbaserade material utgör idag en stor del av marknaden på grund av sina estetiska och förbättrade mekaniska egenskaper.