Kvikksølv og tannhelsepersonell -

Personer i tannhelsen har blitt kvikksølveksponert og fått en påvirkning av nervesystemet under arbeid med amalgam. Dette kan ha ført til klinisk sykdom hos enkelte som har hatt høy eksponering for kvikksølv og/eller er særlig følsomme for kvikksølv, skriver artikkelforfatterne.

Estrogenicity and resin based dental materials -

Dental research has shown that small quantities of BPA and phthalates are eluted from resin-based materials and may be traced in saliva for a short period of time.

Methacrylate monomers lower the level of reduced glutathione and increase the in vitro sensitivity of cells to optical radiation -

Induction of cell death by optical radiation in the wavelength range 350–500 nm was significantly increased by commonly used methacrylate monomers, not mediated by absorption of radiation by the methacrylate monomers, but through a mechanism involving rapid reduction in the level of glutathione

In vitro photosensitization initiated by camphorquinone and phenyl propanedione in dental polymeric materials. -

Documentation is scarce on the photobiological effects of photoinitiators present in dental light curable materials. The aim of this study was to determine cellular effects of the photoinitiators camphorquinone (CQ) and phenyl propanedione (PPD) and to investigate whether these substances produced reactive oxygen species after low and high doses of optical radiation (between 0 and 17J/cm(2)).

Annonsering og tannbehandling -

Annonseringen vil bli mer kompleks og subtil i tiden fremover og vil kreve mer bevisst og kritisk holdning hos tannhelsepersonell.

Mapping of titanium particles in peri-implant oral mucosa by Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry and high-resolution optical darkfield microscopy -

The combination of LA-ICP-MS and HR-ODM appears to be a powerful combination for detection of particles in oral tissues; optical microscopy provides an overview with histological references, whereas LAICP-MS identifies the chemical composition.

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